Food Group Meals, Entrees, And Side Dishes

This Meals, Entrees, and Side Dishes Group is varied, as it represents most of the frozen packaged foods as well as some canned and boxed foods. Foods included in the mixed dishes are macaroni and cheese, frozen lasagna, frozen breaded chicken, some frozen meals, and boxed rice mixes. Foods are chosen for analysis based on consumption patterns to ensure the most representative selection of foods in the food supply.

Name Calories Total Fat Proteins Carbohydrates
Macaroni And Cheese, Canned Entree822.46g3.38g11.52g
Spaghetti With Meat Sauce, Frozen Entree901.01g5.05g15.24g
Beef Macaroni With Tomato Sauce, Frozen Entree, Reduced Fat1131.96g5.89g17.99g
Pasta With Sliced Franks In Tomato Sauce, Canned Entree902.38g4.37g12.7g
Turkey Pot Pie, Frozen Entree1768.8g6.5g17.7g
Beef Pot Pie, Frozen Entree, Prepared22011.39g7.25g22.05g
Hot Pockets, Croissant Pockets Chicken, Broccoli, And Cheddar Stuffed Sandwich, Frozen2358.6g8.9g30.4g
Hot Pockets Ham 'n Cheese Stuffed Sandwich, Frozen2419.14g9.16g30.55g
Ravioli, Cheese-filled, Canned771.45g2.48g13.64g
Ravioli, Meat-filled, With Tomato Sauce Or Meat Sauce, Canned973.41g3.24g13.26g
Tortellini, Pasta With Cheese Filling, Fresh-refrigerated, As Purchased3077.23g13.5g47g
Chili Con Carne With Beans, Canned Entree1073.47g5.8g13.1g
Beef Stew, Canned Entree995.53g4.41g7.85g
Chicken Pot Pie, Frozen Entree, Prepared20411.85g5.11g19.21g
Beef, Corned Beef Hash, With Potato, Canned16410.24g8.73g9.27g
Lasagna, Cheese, Frozen, Prepared1305.33g6.54g13.84g
Chili, No Beans, Canned Entree1187.1g7.53g6.1g
Spaghetti, With Meatballs In Tomato Sauce, Canned1004.11g4.37g11.45g
Pasta With Tomato Sauce, No Meat, Canned700.44g2.22g14.22g
Lasagna With Meat & Sauce, Low-fat, Frozen Entree1012.23g6.81g13.5g
Lasagna With Meat & Sauce, Frozen Entree1244.42g6.63g14.39g
Burrito, Beef And Bean, Frozen2399.61g7.26g30.84g
Burrito, Bean And Cheese, Frozen2216.3g7.07g34.01g
Macaroni And Cheese, Canned, Microwavable1345.99g5.98g13.96g
Burrito, Beef And Bean, Microwaved29811.94g8.73g38.95g
Spaghettios, Mini Beef Ravioli In Meat Sauce991.74g4.25g16.6g
Spaghettios, Spaghetti In Tomato & Cheese Sauce800.6g2.78g15.87g
Spaghettios, Spaghettios Original670.4g2.38g13.89g
Spaghettios, Spaghettios A To Z's670.4g2.38g13.89g
Spaghettios, Spaghettios In Meat Sauce690.79g3.17g12.3g
Spaghettios, Spaghettios Plus Calcium670.4g2.38g13.89g
Spaghettios, Spaghettios Raviolios Beef Ravioli In Meat Sauce1063.17g4.37g15.08g
Spaghettios, Spaghettios With Meatballs952.78g4.37g12.7g
Spaghettios, Spaghettios With Sliced Franks872.38g3.57g12.7g
Spaghettios, Spaghettios A To Z's With Meatballs952.78g4.37g12.7g
Supper Bakes Meal Kits, Cheesy Chicken With Pasta (chicken Not Included)1984.71g7.06g31.76g
Supper Bakes Meal Kits, Creamy Stroganoff Sauce With Pasta1473.2g4.8g24.8g
Supper Bakes Meal Kits, Garlic Chicken With Pasta (chicken Not Included)2200.98g9.76g42.93g
Supper Bakes Meal Kits, Herb Chicken With Rice (chicken Not Included)1971.06g4.26g42.55g
Supper Bakes Meal Kits, Lemon Chicken With Herb Rice (chicken Not Included)2101.06g4.26g45.74g
Supper Bakes Meal Kits, Savory Pork Chops With Herb Stuffing (pork Chop Not Included)1811.18g5.91g36.64g
Supper Bakes Meal Kits, Southwestern-style Chicken W/rice (chicken Not Included)1891.23g4.94g39.51g
Supper Bakes Meal Kits, Traditional Roast Chicken With Stuffing (chicken Not Included)1903.56g5.94g34.44g
Swanson, Chicken A La King714.03g4.7g4.03g
Swanson, Chicken And Dumplings934.05g4.45g9.72g
Egg Rolls, Pork, Refrigerated, Heated2227.17g9.94g29.5g
Egg Rolls, Chicken, Refrigerated, Heated1974.51g10.44g28.54g
Egg Rolls, Vegetable, Frozen, Prepared2146.97g5.95g31.77g
Lasagna, Vegetable, Frozen, Baked1396.04g6.87g14.18g
Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes W/gravy, Assorted Vegetables, Frozen, Microwaved1283.89g6.97g16.32g
Rice Bowl With Chicken, Frozen Entree, Prepared (includes Fried, Teriyaki, And Sweet And Sour Varieties)1261.56g5.65g22.46g
Macaroni And Cheese Dinner With Dry Sauce Mix, Boxed, Uncooked3794.82g13.86g70.12g
Macaroni And Cheese, Dry Mix, Prepared With 2% Milk And 80% Stick Margarine From Dry Mix1908.28g4.89g23.93g
Hot Pockets, Meatballs & Mozzarella Stuffed Sandwich, Frozen25310.47g9.32g30.45g
Lean Pockets, Ham N Cheddar2306.53g10.28g32.52g
Lean Pockets, Meatballs & Mozzarella2407.7g10.49g32.28g
Spaghettios, Spaghettios Original, Easy Open700.47g2.35g14.55g
Spaghettios, Spaghettios With Meatballs - Easy Open872.43g4.37g11.65g
Chili With Beans, Microwavable Bowls1003.68g5.85g10.88g
Macaroni And Cheese, Frozen Entree1496.41g5.6g17.28g
Potato Salad With Egg1579.4g1.96g16.18g
Pulled Pork In Barbecue Sauce1684.42g13.19g18.74g
Corn Dogs, Frozen, Prepared25012.02g8.57g26.96g
Chicken, Nuggets, Dark And White Meat, Precooked, Frozen, Not Reheated26817.31g12.02g16.09g
Chicken, Nuggets, White Meat, Precooked, Frozen, Not Reheated26115.42g14.36g16.24g
Ravioli, Cheese With Tomato Sauce, Frozen, Not Prepared, Includes Regular And Light Entrees1112.61g4.52g17.31g
Lasagna With Meat Sauce, Frozen, Prepared1354.92g7.28g15.36g
Chicken Tenders, Breaded, Frozen, Prepared24013.58g14.62g14.86g
Kashi Black Bean Mango, Frozen, Unprepared1153g3g18g
Kashi, Chicken And Chipotle Bbq Sauce With Mango, Frozen Entree1082.1g5.3g17.6g
Kashi, Chicken Enchilada With Ancho Sauce, Frozen Entree1113.7g4.9g14.9g
Kashi, Steam Meal, Chicken Fettuccine, Frozen Entree992.7g6.2g14g
Kashi, Chicken Florentine, Frozen Entree1063.4g7.9g11g
Kashi, Chicken Pasta Pomodoro, Frozen Entree1002.3g7g13g
Kashi, Lemongrass Coconut Chicken, Frozen Entree1042.8g6.3g13.4g
Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake, Frozen, Unprepared1213.2g3g21g
Kashi Pesto Pasta Primavera, Frozen, Unprepared1013.8g3.8g13g
Kashi, Pilaf, 7 Whole Grain, Unprepared3755.4g13.81g71g
Kashi, Red Curry Chicken, Frozen Entree1103g5.9g15.6g
Kashi, Steam Meal, Roasted Garlic Chicken Farfalle, Frozen Entree1033.2g5.5g14.6g
Kashi, Steam Meal, Sesame Chicken, Frozen Entree1103.5g6.1g15.7g
Kashi, Southwest Style Chicken, Frozen Entree1091.8g5.7g17.4g
Kashi Spicy Black Bean Enchilada, Frozen, Unprepared1032.8g3g17.7g
Kashi Spinach Artichoke Pasta, Frozen, Unprepared1033.4g5g15.1g
Kashi, Sweet And Sour Chicken, Frozen Entree1131.13g6g19g
Kashi Three Cheese Penne, Frozen, Unprepared1264g5.7g16.8g
Kashi, Tuscan Veggie Bake, Frozen Entree903.2g2g15g
Rice And Vermicelli Mix, Chicken Flavor, Unprepared3581.32g10.64g75.8g
Rice And Vermicelli Mix, Chicken Flavor, Prepared With 80% Margarine1363.45g2.65g23.54g
Rice And Vermicelli Mix, Beef Flavor, Unprepared3591.27g10.84g76.02g
Rice And Vermicelli Mix, Beef Flavor, Prepared With 80% Margarine1293.2g2.82g22.03g
Rice And Vermicelli Mix, Rice Pilaf Flavor, Unprepared3591.37g10.42g76.31g
Rice And Vermicelli Mix, Rice Pilaf Flavor, Prepared With 80% Margarine1483.7g2.94g25.67g
Macaroni And Cheese, Box Mix With Cheese Sauce, Unprepared33410.67g12.73g46.66g
Macaroni And Cheese, Box Mix With Cheese Sauce, Prepared1644.99g6.68g23.1g
Taquitos, Frozen, Chicken And Cheese, Oven-heated28412.54g9.21g33.63g
Taquitos, Frozen, Beef And Cheese, Oven-heated28712.79g9.4g33.46g
Pasta Mix, Classic Cheeseburger Macaroni, Unprepared3491.88g11.6g71.51g
Pasta Mix, Classic Beef, Unprepared3541.78g12.32g72.2g
Pasta Mix, Italian Lasagna, Unprepared3561.97g10.9g73.77g
Yellow Rice With Seasoning, Dry Packet Mix, Unprepared3431.75g7.02g74.68g
Pizza Rolls, Frozen, Unprepared3289.98g8.73g50.72g
Potsticker Or Wonton, Pork And Vegetable, Frozen, Unprepared1365.52g8.28g13.28g
Macaroni Or Noodles With Cheese, Made From Reduced Fat Packaged Mix, Unprepared2974.03g13.1g52.06g
Turnover, Cheese-filled, Tomato-based Sauce, Frozen, Unprepared2359.45g10.24g27.29g
Macaroni Or Noodles With Cheese, Microwaveable, Unprepared3886.56g11.48g70.75g
Pasta Mix, Italian Four Cheese Lasagna, Unprepared3552.7g12.53g70.26g
Spanish Rice Mix, Dry Mix, Unprepared3631.62g10.62g76.45g
Lasagna, Cheese, Frozen, Unprepared1454.22g5.06g21.61g
Chicken, Thighs, Frozen, Breaded, Reheated33422.45g18.66g14.23g
Spanish Rice Mix, Dry Mix, Prepared (with Canola/vegetable Oil Blend Or Diced Tomatoes And Margarine)1252.38g3.27g22.74g
Kashi Three Cheese Ravioli With Mediterranean Tomato Sauce, Frozen, Unprepared1314.2g5.5g19.7g
Kashi Mushroom & Asparagus Risotto, Frozen, Unprepared1163.7g4.3g17g
Rice Mix, Cheese Flavor, Dry Mix, Unprepared3623.51g8.77g73.88g
Dumpling, Potato- Or Cheese-filled, Frozen1956.14g5.26g29.64g
Turnover, Chicken- Or Turkey-, And Vegetable-filled, Reduced Fat, Frozen1685.51g7.87g21.74g
Turnover, Meat- And Cheese-filled, Tomato-based Sauce, Reduced Fat, Frozen2155.51g9.45g31.89g
Turnover, Filled With Egg, Meat And Cheese, Frozen22812.6g7.87g20.67g
Rice Mix, White And Wild, Flavored, Unprepared3550.88g10.53g76.14g
Kashi Italian Vegetable Medley Pasta, Frozen, Unprepared1062.6g4.7g16.3g
Salisbury Steak With Gravy, Frozen14910.47g6.98g6.78g
Sausage, Egg And Cheese Breakfast Biscuit32422.13g9.54g21.57g
Hungry Man, Salisbury Steak With Gravy, Frozen, Unprepared1368.53g7.96g6.96g
Banquet, Salisbury Steak With Gravy, Family Size, Frozen, Unprepared15511.1g6.89g6.96g
Jimmy Dean, Sausage, Egg, And Cheese Breakfast Biscuit, Frozen, Unprepared32822.9g9.29g21.07g