Food Group Restaurant Foods

The Restaurant Foods food group includes 109 different food items that were analized to obtain a nutrition profile. The nutrient values are based on an edible portion of 100 grams of food. When nutrient data for prepared or cooked products are unavailable or incomplete, nutrient values are calculated from comparable raw items or by recipe.

Name Calories Total Fat Proteins Carbohydrates
Applebee's, 9 Oz House Sirloin Steak1899.08g26.85g0g
Applebee's, Double Crunch Shrimp32318.9g12.31g25.96g
Applebee's, French Fries29013.17g3.31g39.5g
Applebee's, Kraft, Macaroni & Cheese, From Kid's Menu1434.34g5.01g21.08g
Applebee's, Mozzarella Sticks31618.37g14.87g22.87g
Applebee's, Chicken Tenders, From Kids' Menu29616.15g19.25g18.36g
T.g.i. Friday's, Friday's Shrimp, Breaded30219.02g11.87g20.87g
T.g.i. Friday's, French Fries29614.82g3.74g36.9g
T.g.i. Friday's, Fried Mozzarella33318.76g15.82g25.33g
T.g.i. Friday's, Macaroni & Cheese, From Kid's Menu1213.45g5.03g17.4g
T.g.i. Friday's, Chicken Fingers, From Kids' Menu33020.78g18.11g17.72g
T.g.i. Friday's, Classic Sirloin Steak (10 Oz)1967.83g31.02g0.47g
Restaurant, Family Style, Fried Mozzarella Sticks32518.33g14.75g25.14g
Restaurant, Family Style, Sirloin Steak1958.48g29.8g0g
Restaurant, Family Style, French Fries28914.04g3.49g37.2g
Restaurant, Family Style, Chicken Fingers, From Kid's Menu30717.45g18.68g18.77g
Restaurant, Family Style, Shrimp, Breaded And Fried30818.67g12.67g22.29g
Restaurant, Family Style, Macaroni & Cheese, From Kids' Menu1516.06g5.42g18.8g
Applebee's, Fish, Hand Battered2029.14g13.23g16.65g
Applebee's, Chili1579.79g12.56g4.57g
T.g.i. Friday's, Chicken Fingers32520.31g18.68g16.84g
Applebee's, Coleslaw1207.09g0.79g13.17g
Applebee's, Crunchy Onion Rings35619.61g4.58g40.17g
Applebee's, Chicken Tenders Platter29716.24g19.62g17.98g
Cracker Barrel, Chicken Tenderloin Platter, Fried29315.48g18.06g20.29g
Cracker Barrel, Coleslaw17513.22g0.89g13.01g
Cracker Barrel, Onion Rings, Thick-cut32716g4.78g40.95g
Denny's, Chicken Strips29514.5g19.17g22.03g
Denny's, Coleslaw18315.03g0.97g10.88g
Denny's, Fish Fillet, Battered Or Breaded, Fried23412.16g13.75g17.41g
Denny's, Hash Browns1978.99g2.49g26.59g
Denny's, Onion Rings38522.23g5.29g41.05g
Denny's, Spaghetti And Meatballs1708.52g7.84g15.51g
Restaurant, Family Style, Fish Fillet, Battered Or Breaded, Fried21910.79g13.49g16.89g
Restaurant, Family Style, Chicken Tenders30216.63g18.88g19.29g
Restaurant, Family Style, Coleslaw15911.78g0.88g12.35g
Restaurant, Family Style, Onion Rings35619.28g4.89g40.72g
Restaurant, Family Style, Chili With Meat And Beans1579.79g12.56g4.57g
Restaurant, Family Style, Spaghetti And Meatballs1708.52g7.84g15.51g
Restaurant, Family Style, Hash Browns1978.99g2.49g26.59g
Cracker Barrel, Macaroni N' Cheese19411.75g6.49g15.61g
Restaurant, Italian, Lasagna With Meat18510.69g10.83g11.36g
Olive Garden, Lasagna Classico18410.84g11.28g10.33g
Carrabba's Italian Grill, Lasagne19111.06g10.48g12.36g
On The Border, Mexican Rice1954.86g3.56g34.15g
On The Border, Refried Beans1445g7.3g17.52g
Restaurant, Italian, Spaghetti With Pomodoro Sauce (no Meat)1041.89g3.9g17.77g
Olive Garden, Spaghetti With Pomodoro Sauce1021.85g4.26g17.14g
Carrabba's Italian Grill, Spaghetti With Pomodoro Sauce1041.75g3.42g18.63g
On The Border, Cheese Enchilada27117.74g11.67g16.2g
Restaurant, Mexican, Cheese Enchilada27318.47g11.24g15.45g
On The Border, Cheese Quesadilla39425.5g16.87g24.25g
Restaurant, Mexican, Cheese Quesadilla36823.08g15.93g24.11g
Carrabba's Italian Grill, Cheese Ravioli With Marinara Sauce1566g7.96g17.62g
Olive Garden, Cheese Ravioli With Marinara Sauce1595.61g7.44g19.64g
Restaurant, Italian, Cheese Ravioli With Marinara Sauce1545.7g7.07g18.5g
Restaurant, Mexican, Cheese Tamales21611.99g8.99g17.97g
Carrabba's Italian Grill, Chicken Parmesan Without Cavatappi Pasta20610.95g19g7.8g
Olive Garden, Chicken Parmigiana Without Pasta21111.23g15.33g12.28g
Restaurant, Italian, Chicken Parmesan Without Pasta20410.64g16.17g10.92g
On The Border, Soft Taco With Ground Beef, Cheese And Lettuce22911.05g13.19g19.28g
Restaurant, Mexican, Soft Taco With Ground Beef, Cheese And Lettuce21910.81g12.56g17.92g
Restaurant, Latino, Chicken And Rice, Entree, Prepared1745.06g12.02g20.03g
Restaurant, Latino, Empanadas, Beef, Prepared33518.37g11.31g31.19g
Restaurant, Latino, Arroz Con Leche (rice Pudding)1463.69g3.2g24.92g
Restaurant, Latino, Arroz Con Frijoles Negros (rice And Black Beans)1513.85g4.64g24.4g
Restaurant, Latino, Arroz Con Habichuelas Colorados (rice And Red Beans)1423.46g3.96g23.74g
Restaurant, Latino, Arroz Con Grandules (rice And Pigeonpeas)1824.98g3.5g30.75g
Restaurant, Latino, Pupusas Con Frijoles (pupusas, Bean)2299.01g5.59g31.49g
Restaurant, Latino, Pupusas Con Queso (pupusas, Cheese)25613.25g11.72g22.39g
Restaurant, Latino, Pupusas Del Cerdo (pupusas, Pork)23210.43g11.51g23.02g
Restaurant, Latino, Tamale, Corn1867.21g3.48g26.68g
Restaurant, Latino, Tamale, Pork1749.04g7.35g15.75g
Restaurant, Latino, Black Bean Soup1032.57g5.1g14.79g
Restaurant, Latino, Tripe Soup742.58g8.61g4.07g
Restaurant, Latino, Arepa (unleavened Cornmeal Bread)2195.38g5.48g37.14g
Restaurant, Latino, Bunuelos (fried Yeast Bread)46226.24g8.02g48.57g
Restaurant, Mexican, Spanish Rice1855.29g3.28g31.16g
Restaurant, Mexican, Refried Beans1566.77g6.91g16.79g
Restaurant, Chinese, Egg Rolls, Assorted25011.94g8.28g27.29g
Restaurant, Chinese, Fried Rice, Without Meat1742.96g4.05g32.79g
Restaurant, Chinese, Beef And Vegetables1055.3g7.08g7.29g
Cracker Barrel, Chicken Tenderloin Platter, Fried, From Kid's Menu29415.41g18.67g20.24g
Cracker Barrel, Country Fried Shrimp Platter28716.77g12.62g21.4g
Cracker Barrel, Farm Raised Catfish Platter26617.05g22.94g5.31g
Cracker Barrel, Steak Fries25513.18g3.26g30.87g
Cracker Barrel, Grilled Sirloin Steak2038.52g31.52g0g
Cracker Barrel, Macaroni N' Cheese Plate, From Kid's Menu19211.51g6.46g15.58g
Denny's, French Fries28214.13g3.41g35.2g
Denny's, Mozzarella Cheese Sticks32417.87g13.56g27.22g
Denny's, Golden Fried Shrimp31920.01g13.88g20.93g
Denny's, Macaroni & Cheese, From Kid's Menu1504.92g5.19g21.16g
Denny's, Chicken Nuggets, Star Shaped, From Kid's Menu37728.57g16.27g13.59g
Denny's, Top Sirloin Steak1827.34g28.9g0.14g
Restaurant, Chinese, Lemon Chicken25213.55g11.87g20.61g
Restaurant, Chinese, General Tso's Chicken29516.36g12.9g23.99g
Restaurant, Chinese, Kung Pao Chicken1296.98g9.76g6.87g
Restaurant, Chinese, Shrimp And Vegetables784.05g5.9g4.52g
Restaurant, Chinese, Sweet And Sour Chicken25012.65g10.1g23.86g
Restaurant, Chinese, Sweet And Sour Pork27015.66g8.91g23.34g
Restaurant, Chinese, Chicken Chow Mein852.8g6.76g8.29g
Restaurant, Chinese, Vegetable Chow Mein, Without Meat Or Noodles431.68g1.34g5.74g
Restaurant, Chinese, Vegetable Lo Mein, Without Meat1212.35g4.77g20.16g
Restaurant, Chinese, Chicken And Vegetables954.56g8.18g5.38g
Restaurant, Chinese, Orange Chicken26212.68g14.46g22.46g
Restaurant, Italian, Spaghetti With Meat Sauce1213.59g5.79g16.4g
Olive Garden, Spaghetti With Meat Sauce1213.28g5.8g17.19g
Carrabba's Italian Grill, Spaghetti With Meat Sauce1223.92g5.87g15.71g
Restaurant, Chinese, Sesame Chicken29314.25g14.33g26.88g