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Name Calories Total Fat Proteins Carbohydrates
Ham And Cheese Loaf Or Roll24118.7g13.6g4g
Ham And Cheese Spread24518.53g16.18g2.28g
Ham Salad Spread21615.53g8.68g10.64g
Ham, Chopped, Canned23918.83g16.06g0.26g
Ham, Chopped, Not Canned18010.3g16.5g4.2g
Ham, Honey, Smoked, Cooked1222.37g17.93g7.27g
Ham, Minced26320.68g16.28g1.84g
Ham, Sliced, Packaged (96% Fat Free, Water Added)1074.04g16.85g0.7g
Ham, Sliced, Regular (approximately 11% Fat)1638.6g16.6g3.83g
Ham, Smoked, Extra Lean, Low Sodium1412.71g18.52g10.7g
Hazelnuts, Beaked (northern Plains Indians)62852.99g14.89g22.98g
Headcheese, Pork15710.9g13.83g0g
Healthy Request Tomato Juice210g0.82g4.53g
Healthy Request, Cream Of Celery Soup, Condensed561.61g0.81g9.68g
Healthy Request, Minestrone Soup, Condensed630.4g2.38g11.9g
Healthy Request, Tomato Soup, Condensed731.21g1.61g13.71g
Healthy Request, Vegetable Soup, Condensed790.79g3.17g15.87g
Hearts Of Palm, Canned280.62g2.52g4.62g
Hearts Of Palm, Raw1150.2g2.7g25.61g
Heinz, Weight Watcher, Chocolate Eclair, Frozen2416.9g4.4g40.3g
Hominy, Canned, White720.88g1.48g14.26g
Hominy, Canned, Yellow720.88g1.48g14.26g
Honey Roll Sausage, Beef18210.5g18.58g2.18g
Hormel Always Tender, Boneless Pork Loin, Fresh Pork1457.18g19.02g0.76g
Hormel Always Tender, Center Cut Chops, Fresh Pork1679.62g18.74g0.84g
Hormel Always Tender, Pork Loin Filets, Lemon Garlic-flavored1184.16g17.83g1.79g
Hormel Always Tender, Pork Tenderloin, Peppercorn-flavored1103.8g17.21g1.82g
Hormel Always Tender, Pork Tenderloin, Teriyaki-flavored1193.07g18.2g4.63g
Hormel Canadian Style Bacon1224.94g16.88g1.87g
Hormel Pillow Pak Sliced Turkey Pepperoni24311.52g30.99g3.78g
Hormel, Cure 81 Ham1063.59g18.43g0.21g
Horned Melon (kiwano)441.26g1.78g7.56g
Horseradish, Prepared480.69g1.18g11.29g
Hot Pockets Ham 'n Cheese Stuffed Sandwich, Frozen2419.14g9.16g30.55g
Hot Pockets, Croissant Pockets Chicken, Broccoli, And Cheddar Stuffed Sandwich, Frozen2358.6g8.9g30.4g
Hot Pockets, Meatballs & Mozzarella Stuffed Sandwich, Frozen25310.47g9.32g30.45g
House Foods Premium Firm Tofu854.19g10.92g0.97g
House Foods Premium Soft Tofu592.71g6.38g2.19g
Huckleberries, Raw (alaska Native)370.1g0.4g8.7g
Hummus, Commercial1669.6g7.9g14.29g
Hummus, Home Prepared1778.59g4.86g20.12g
Hungry Man, Salisbury Steak With Gravy, Frozen, Unprepared1368.53g7.96g6.96g
Hush Puppies, Prepared From Recipe33713.5g7.7g46g
Hyacinth Beans, Mature Seeds, Cooked, Boiled, With Salt1170.58g8.14g20.7g
Hyacinth Beans, Mature Seeds, Cooked, Boiled, Without Salt1170.58g8.14g20.69g
Hyacinth Beans, Mature Seeds, Raw3441.69g23.9g60.74g
Hyacinth-beans, Immature Seeds, Cooked, Boiled, Drained, With Salt500.27g2.95g9.2g
Hyacinth-beans, Immature Seeds, Cooked, Boiled, Drained, Without Salt500.27g2.95g9.2g
Hyacinth-beans, Immature Seeds, Raw460.2g2.1g9.19g