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Name Calories Total Fat Proteins Carbohydrates
Edamame, Frozen, Prepared1215.2g11.91g8.91g
Edamame, Frozen, Unprepared1094.73g11.22g7.61g
Egg Custards, Dry Mix4106.4g6.9g82.8g
Egg Custards, Dry Mix, Prepared With 2% Milk1122.83g4.13g17.61g
Egg Custards, Dry Mix, Prepared With Whole Milk1224g3.99g17.6g
Egg Mix, Usda Commodity55534.5g35.6g23.97g
Egg Rolls, Chicken, Refrigerated, Heated1974.51g10.44g28.54g
Egg Rolls, Pork, Refrigerated, Heated2227.17g9.94g29.5g
Egg Rolls, Vegetable, Frozen, Prepared2146.97g5.95g31.77g
Egg Substitute, Liquid Or Frozen, Fat Free480g10g2g
Egg Substitute, Powder44413g55.5g21.8g
Egg, Duck, Whole, Fresh, Raw18513.77g12.81g1.45g
Egg, Goose, Whole, Fresh, Raw18513.27g13.87g1.35g
Egg, Quail, Whole, Fresh, Raw15811.09g13.05g0.41g
Egg, Turkey, Whole, Fresh, Raw17111.88g13.68g1.15g
Egg, White, Dried3820g81.1g7.8g
Egg, White, Dried, Flakes, Stabilized, Glucose Reduced3510.04g76.92g4.17g
Egg, White, Dried, Powder, Stabilized, Glucose Reduced3760.04g82.4g4.47g
Egg, White, Dried, Stabilized, Glucose Reduced3570.32g84.08g4.51g
Egg, White, Raw, Fresh520.17g10.9g0.73g
Egg, White, Raw, Frozen, Pasteurized480g10.2g1.04g
Egg, Whole, Cooked, Fried19614.84g13.61g0.83g
Egg, Whole, Cooked, Hard-boiled15510.61g12.58g1.12g
Egg, Whole, Cooked, Omelet15411.66g10.57g0.64g
Egg, Whole, Cooked, Poached1439.47g12.51g0.71g
Egg, Whole, Cooked, Scrambled14910.98g9.99g1.61g
Egg, Whole, Dried59243.9g48.05g1.13g
Egg, Whole, Dried, Stabilized, Glucose Reduced61543.95g48.17g2.38g
Egg, Whole, Raw, Fresh1439.51g12.56g0.72g
Egg, Whole, Raw, Frozen, Pasteurized1479.95g12.33g1.01g
Egg, Whole, Raw, Frozen, Salted, Pasteurized13810.07g10.97g0.83g
Egg, Yolk, Dried66959.13g33.63g0.66g
Egg, Yolk, Raw, Fresh32226.54g15.86g3.59g
Egg, Yolk, Raw, Frozen, Pasteurized29625.6g15.53g0.81g
Egg, Yolk, Raw, Frozen, Salted, Pasteurized27522.93g14.07g1.77g
Egg, Yolk, Raw, Frozen, Sugared, Pasteurized30722.82g13.87g10.95g
Eggplant, Cooked, Boiled, Drained, With Salt330.23g0.83g8.14g
Eggplant, Cooked, Boiled, Drained, Without Salt350.23g0.83g8.73g
Eggplant, Pickled490.7g0.9g9.77g
Eggplant, Raw250.18g0.98g5.88g
Eggs, Scrambled, Frozen Mixture1315.6g13.1g7.5g
Elderberries, Raw730.5g0.66g18.4g
Elk, Free Range, Ground, Cooked Patties (shoshone Bannock)1432.8g29.45g0g
Elk, Free Range, Ground, Raw (shoshone Bannock)971.8g20.14g0g
Elk, Free Range, Roast, Eye Of Round, Cooked (shoshone Bannock)1482.85g30.56g0g
Elk, Free Range, Roast, Eye Of Round, Raw (shoshone Bannock)982.1g19.74g0g
Emu, Fan Fillet, Cooked, Broiled1542.3g31.27g0g
Emu, Fan Fillet, Raw1030.8g22.5g0g
Emu, Flat Fillet, Raw1020.74g22.25g0g
Emu, Full Rump, Cooked, Broiled1682.68g33.67g0g
Emu, Full Rump, Raw1121.64g22.83g0g
Emu, Ground, Cooked, Pan-broiled1634.65g28.43g0g
Emu, Ground, Raw1344.03g22.77g0g
Emu, Inside Drum, Raw1081.49g22.22g0g
Emu, Inside Drums, Cooked, Broiled1562.01g32.38g0g
Emu, Outside Drum, Raw1030.48g23.08g0g
Emu, Oyster, Raw1414.86g22.81g0g
Emu, Top Loin, Cooked, Broiled1523.13g29.07g0g
Endive, Raw170.2g1.25g3.35g
English Muffins, Mixed-grain (includes Granola)2351.8g9.1g46.3g
English Muffins, Mixed-grain, Toasted (includes Granola)2551.9g9.9g50.3g
English Muffins, Plain, Enriched, With Ca Prop (includes Sourdough)2271.69g8.87g44.17g
English Muffins, Plain, Enriched, Without Calcium Propionate(includes Sourdough)2351.8g7.7g46g
English Muffins, Plain, Toasted, Enriched, With Calcium Propionate (includes Sourdough)2702.02g10.32g52.65g
English Muffins, Plain, Unenriched, With Calcium Propionate (includes Sourdough)2351.8g7.7g46g
English Muffins, Plain, Unenriched, Without Calcium Propionate (includes Sourdough)2351.8g7.7g46g
English Muffins, Raisin-cinnamon (includes Apple-cinnamon)2401.8g7.91g48.1g
English Muffins, Raisin-cinnamon, Toasted (includes Apple-cinnamon)2762.21g8.87g55.04g
English Muffins, Wheat2232g8.7g44.8g
English Muffins, Wheat, Toasted2432.1g9.4g48.7g
English Muffins, Whole Grain White2451.75g7.02g50.17g
English Muffins, Whole-wheat2032.1g8.8g40.4g
English Muffins, Whole-wheat, Toasted2212.3g9.6g44.1g
Epazote, Raw320.52g0.33g7.44g
Eppaw, Raw1501.8g4.6g31.68g
Escarole, Cooked, Boiled, Drained, No Salt Added190.18g1.15g3.07g