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Name Calories Total Fat Proteins Carbohydrates
Dandelion Greens, Cooked, Boiled, Drained, With Salt330.6g2g6.4g
Dandelion Greens, Cooked, Boiled, Drained, Without Salt330.6g2g6.4g
Dandelion Greens, Raw450.7g2.7g9.2g
Danish Pastry, Cheese37421.9g8g37.2g
Danish Pastry, Cinnamon, Enriched40322.4g7g44.6g
Danish Pastry, Cinnamon, Unenriched40322.4g7g44.6g
Danish Pastry, Fruit, Enriched (includes Apple, Cinnamon, Raisin, Lemon, Raspberry, Strawberry)37118.5g5.4g47.8g
Danish Pastry, Fruit, Unenriched (includes Apple, Cinnamon, Raisin, Strawberry)37118.5g5.4g47.8g
Danish Pastry, Lemon, Unenriched37118.5g5.4g47.8g
Danish Pastry, Nut (includes Almond, Raisin Nut, Cinnamon Nut)43025.2g7.1g45.7g
Danish Pastry, Raspberry, Unenriched37118.5g5.4g47.8g
Dates, Deglet Noor2820.39g2.45g75.03g
Dates, Medjool2770.15g1.81g74.97g
Deer (venison), Sitka, Raw (alaska Native)1162.66g21.5g0g
Denny's, Chicken Nuggets, Star Shaped, From Kid's Menu37728.57g16.27g13.59g
Denny's, Chicken Strips29514.5g19.17g22.03g
Denny's, Coleslaw18315.03g0.97g10.88g
Denny's, Fish Fillet, Battered Or Breaded, Fried23412.16g13.75g17.41g
Denny's, French Fries28214.13g3.41g35.2g
Denny's, Golden Fried Shrimp31920.01g13.88g20.93g
Denny's, Hash Browns1978.99g2.49g26.59g
Denny's, Macaroni & Cheese, From Kid's Menu1504.92g5.19g21.16g
Denny's, Mozzarella Cheese Sticks32417.87g13.56g27.22g
Denny's, Onion Rings38522.23g5.29g41.05g
Denny's, Spaghetti And Meatballs1708.52g7.84g15.51g
Denny's, Top Sirloin Steak1827.34g28.9g0.14g
Dessert Topping, Powdered57739.92g4.9g52.54g
Dessert Topping, Powdered, 1.5 Ounce Prepared With 1/2 Cup Milk19412.72g3.61g17.13g
Dessert Topping, Pressurized26422.3g0.98g16.07g
Dessert Topping, Semi Solid, Frozen31825.31g1.25g23.05g
Desserts, Apple Crisp, Prepared-from-recipe1613.43g1.75g30.84g
Desserts, Egg Custard, Baked, Prepared-from-recipe1044.58g5.02g11g
Desserts, Flan, Caramel Custard, Prepared-from-recipe1454.03g4.53g22.78g
Desserts, Mousse, Chocolate, Prepared-from-recipe22516g4.14g16.07g
Desserts, Rennin, Chocolate, Dry Mix3633.3g2.4g91.5g
Desserts, Rennin, Tablets, Unsweetened840.1g1g19.8g
Desserts, Rennin, Vanilla, Dry Mix3830g0g99g
Digiorno Pizza, Cheese Topping, Cheese Stuffed Crust, Frozen, Baked27911.68g13.48g29.86g
Digiorno Pizza, Cheese Topping, Rising Crust, Frozen, Baked2568.6g12.8g31.78g
Digiorno Pizza, Cheese Topping, Thin Crispy Crust, Frozen, Baked2479.91g12.96g26.47g
Digiorno Pizza, Pepperoni Topping, Cheese Stuffed Crust, Frozen, Baked27911.71g13.92g29.46g
Digiorno Pizza, Pepperoni Topping, Rising Crust, Frozen, Baked26510.11g12.46g31.15g
Digiorno Pizza, Pepperoni Topping, Thin Crispy Crust, Frozen, Baked28312.86g13.22g28.67g
Digiorno Pizza, Supreme Topping, Rising Crust, Frozen, Baked25510.68g11.74g27.93g
Digiorno Pizza, Supreme Topping, Thin Crispy Crust, Frozen, Baked25510.8g11.41g28.05g
Dill Weed, Fresh431.12g3.46g7.02g
Dip, Bean, Original Flavor1193.7g5.44g15.89g
Dip, Frito's, Bean, Original Flavor1193.7g5.44g15.89g
Dip, Old El Paso, Cheese 'n Salsa, Medium1298.43g2.7g10.65g
Dip, Salsa Con Queso, Cheese And Salsa- Medium1439.51g3.14g11.14g
Dip, Tostitos, Salsa Con Queso, Medium1338.26g2.92g11.72g
Dock, Cooked, Boiled, Drained, With Salt200.64g1.83g2.93g
Dock, Cooked, Boiled, Drained, Without Salt200.64g1.83g2.93g
Dock, Raw220.7g2g3.2g
Domino's 14" Cheese Pizza, Classic Hand-tossed Crust2578.97g10.8g33.24g
Domino's 14" Cheese Pizza, Crunchy Thin Crust29815.1g12.33g28.18g
Domino's 14" Cheese Pizza, Ultimate Deep Dish Crust2659.83g10.76g33.48g
Domino's 14" Extravaganzza Feast Pizza, Classic Hand-tossed Crust24411.1g10.33g25.72g
Domino's 14" Pepperoni Pizza, Classic Hand-tossed Crust27311.18g11.25g31.86g
Domino's 14" Pepperoni Pizza, Crunchy Thin Crust32819.05g13.88g25.35g
Domino's 14" Pepperoni Pizza, Ultimate Deep Dish Crust28312.1g11.52g31.89g
Domino's 14" Sausage Pizza, Classic Hand-tossed Crust27311.2g11.08g31.84g
Domino's 14" Sausage Pizza, Crunchy Thin Crust31918.52g12.77g25.3g
Domino's 14" Sausage Pizza, Ultimate Deep Dish Crust27712.03g11.03g31.17g
Doughnuts, Cake-type, Chocolate, Sugared Or Glazed41719.9g4.5g57.4g
Doughnuts, Cake-type, Plain (includes Unsugared, Old-fashioned)43424.93g5.31g47.06g
Doughnuts, Cake-type, Plain, Chocolate-coated Or Frosted45225.25g4.93g51.33g
Doughnuts, Cake-type, Plain, Sugared Or Glazed42622.9g5.2g50.8g
Doughnuts, French Crullers, Glazed41218.3g3.1g59.5g
Doughnuts, Yeast-leavened, Glazed, Enriched (includes Honey Buns)42122.7g6.14g47.93g
Doughnuts, Yeast-leavened, Glazed, Unenriched (includes Honey Buns)40322.8g6.4g44.3g
Doughnuts, Yeast-leavened, With Creme Filling36124.5g6.4g30g
Doughnuts, Yeast-leavened, With Jelly Filling34018.7g5.9g39g
Dove, Cooked (includes Squab)21313g23.9g0g
Dressing, Honey Mustard, Fat-free1691.47g1.07g38.43g
Drumstick Leaves, Cooked, Boiled, Drained, With Salt600.93g5.27g11.15g
Drumstick Leaves, Cooked, Boiled, Drained, Without Salt600.93g5.27g11.15g
Drumstick Leaves, Raw641.4g9.4g8.28g
Drumstick Pods, Cooked, Boiled, Drained, With Salt360.19g2.09g8.18g
Drumstick Pods, Cooked, Boiled, Drained, Without Salt360.19g2.09g8.18g
Drumstick Pods, Raw370.2g2.1g8.53g
Duck, Domesticated, Liver, Raw1364.64g18.74g3.53g
Duck, Domesticated, Meat And Skin, Cooked, Roasted33728.35g18.99g0g
Duck, Domesticated, Meat And Skin, Raw40439.34g11.49g0g
Duck, Domesticated, Meat Only, Cooked, Roasted20111.2g23.48g0g
Duck, Domesticated, Meat Only, Raw1355.95g18.28g0.94g
Duck, Scoter, White-winged, Meat (alaska Native)840.4g20.2g0g
Duck, Wild, Breast, Meat Only, Raw1234.25g19.85g0g
Duck, Wild, Meat And Skin, Raw21115.2g17.42g0g
Duck, Young Duckling, Domesticated, White Pekin, Breast, Meat And Skin, Boneless, Cooked, Roasted20210.85g24.5g0g
Duck, Young Duckling, Domesticated, White Pekin, Breast, Meat Only, Boneless, Cooked Without Skin, Broiled1402.5g27.6g0g
Duck, Young Duckling, Domesticated, White Pekin, Leg, Meat And Skin, Bone In, Cooked, Roasted21711.4g26.75g0g
Duck, Young Duckling, Domesticated, White Pekin, Leg, Meat Only, Bone In, Cooked Without Skin, Braised1785.96g29.1g0g
Dulce De Leche3157.35g6.84g55.35g
Dumpling, Potato- Or Cheese-filled, Frozen1956.14g5.26g29.64g
Durian, Raw Or Frozen1475.33g1.47g27.09g
Dutch Brand Loaf, Chicken, Pork And Beef27322.91g12g3.93g