Food Group Finfish And Shellfish Products

The Finfish And Shellfish Products food group includes 265 different food items that were analized to obtain a nutrition profile. The nutrient values are based on an edible portion of 100 grams of food. When nutrient data for prepared or cooked products are unavailable or incomplete, nutrient values are calculated from comparable raw items or by recipe.

Name Calories Total Fat Proteins Carbohydrates
Fish, Anchovy, European, Raw1314.84g20.35g0g
Fish, Anchovy, European, Canned In Oil, Drained Solids2109.71g28.89g0g
Fish, Bass, Fresh Water, Mixed Species, Raw1143.69g18.86g0g
Fish, Bass, Striped, Raw972.33g17.73g0g
Fish, Bluefish, Raw1244.24g20.04g0g
Fish, Burbot, Raw900.81g19.31g0g
Fish, Butterfish, Raw1468.02g17.28g0g
Fish, Carp, Raw1275.6g17.83g0g
Fish, Carp, Cooked, Dry Heat1627.17g22.86g0g
Fish, Catfish, Channel, Wild, Raw952.82g16.38g0g
Fish, Catfish, Channel, Cooked, Breaded And Fried22913.33g18.09g8.04g
Fish, Caviar, Black And Red, Granular26417.9g24.6g4g
Fish, Cisco, Raw981.91g18.99g0g
Fish, Cisco, Smoked17711.9g16.36g0g
Fish, Cod, Atlantic, Raw820.67g17.81g0g
Fish, Cod, Atlantic, Cooked, Dry Heat1050.86g22.83g0g
Fish, Cod, Atlantic, Canned, Solids And Liquid1050.86g22.76g0g
Fish, Cod, Atlantic, Dried And Salted2902.37g62.82g0g
Fish, Cod, Pacific, Raw (may Have Been Previously Frozen)690.41g15.27g0g
Fish, Croaker, Atlantic, Raw1043.17g17.78g0g
Fish, Croaker, Atlantic, Cooked, Breaded And Fried22112.67g18.2g7.54g
Fish, Cusk, Raw870.69g18.99g0g
Fish, Mahimahi, Raw850.7g18.5g0g
Fish, Drum, Freshwater, Raw1194.93g17.54g0g
Fish, Eel, Mixed Species, Raw18411.66g18.44g0g
Fish, Eel, Mixed Species, Cooked, Dry Heat23614.95g23.65g0g
Fish, Fish Sticks, Frozen, Prepared27716.23g11.01g21.66g
Fish, Flatfish (flounder And Sole Species), Raw701.93g12.41g0g
Fish, Flatfish (flounder And Sole Species), Cooked, Dry Heat862.37g15.24g0g
Fish, Gefiltefish, Commercial, Sweet Recipe841.73g9.07g7.41g
Fish, Grouper, Mixed Species, Raw921.02g19.38g0g
Fish, Grouper, Mixed Species, Cooked, Dry Heat1181.3g24.84g0g
Fish, Haddock, Raw740.45g16.32g0g
Fish, Haddock, Cooked, Dry Heat900.55g19.99g0g
Fish, Haddock, Smoked1160.96g25.23g0g
Fish, Halibut, Atlantic And Pacific, Raw911.33g18.56g0g
Fish, Halibut, Atlantic And Pacific, Cooked, Dry Heat1111.61g22.54g0g
Fish, Halibut, Greenland, Raw18613.84g14.37g0g
Fish, Herring, Atlantic, Raw1589.04g17.96g0g
Fish, Herring, Atlantic, Cooked, Dry Heat20311.59g23.03g0g
Fish, Herring, Atlantic, Pickled26218g14.19g9.64g
Fish, Herring, Atlantic, Kippered21712.37g24.58g0g
Fish, Herring, Pacific, Raw19513.88g16.39g0g
Fish, Ling, Raw870.64g18.99g0g
Fish, Lingcod, Raw851.06g17.66g0g
Fish, Mackerel, Atlantic, Raw20513.89g18.6g0g
Fish, Mackerel, Atlantic, Cooked, Dry Heat26217.81g23.85g0g
Fish, Mackerel, Jack, Canned, Drained Solids1566.3g23.19g0g
Fish, Mackerel, King, Raw1052g20.28g0g
Fish, Mackerel, Pacific And Jack, Mixed Species, Raw1587.89g20.07g0g
Fish, Mackerel, Spanish, Raw1396.3g19.29g0g
Fish, Mackerel, Spanish, Cooked, Dry Heat1586.32g23.59g0g
Fish, Milkfish, Raw1486.73g20.53g0g
Fish, Monkfish, Raw761.52g14.48g0g
Fish, Mullet, Striped, Raw1173.79g19.35g0g
Fish, Mullet, Striped, Cooked, Dry Heat1504.86g24.81g0g
Fish, Ocean Perch, Atlantic, Raw791.54g15.31g0g
Fish, Ocean Perch, Atlantic, Cooked, Dry Heat961.87g18.51g0g
Fish, Pout, Ocean, Raw790.91g16.64g0g
Fish, Perch, Mixed Species, Raw910.92g19.39g0g
Fish, Perch, Mixed Species, Cooked, Dry Heat1171.18g24.86g0g
Fish, Pike, Northern, Raw880.69g19.26g0g
Fish, Pike, Northern, Cooked, Dry Heat1130.88g24.69g0g
Fish, Pike, Walleye, Raw931.22g19.14g0g
Fish, Pollock, Atlantic, Raw920.98g19.44g0g
Fish, Pollock, Alaska, Raw (may Have Been Previously Frozen)560.41g12.19g0g
Fish, Pollock, Alaska, Cooked, Dry Heat (may Have Been Previously Frozen)1111.18g23.48g0g
Fish, Pompano, Florida, Raw1649.47g18.48g0g
Fish, Pompano, Florida, Cooked, Dry Heat21112.14g23.69g0g
Fish, Rockfish, Pacific, Mixed Species, Raw901.34g18.36g0g
Fish, Rockfish, Pacific, Mixed Species, Cooked, Dry Heat1091.62g22.23g0g
Fish, Roe, Mixed Species, Raw1436.42g22.32g1.5g
Fish, Roughy, Orange, Raw760.7g16.41g0g
Fish, Sablefish, Raw19515.3g13.41g0g
Fish, Sablefish, Smoked25720.14g17.65g0g
Fish, Salmon, Atlantic, Wild, Raw1426.34g19.84g0g
Fish, Salmon, Chinook, Smoked1174.32g18.28g0g
Fish, Salmon, Chinook, Raw17910.43g19.93g0g
Fish, Salmon, Chum, Raw1203.77g20.14g0g
Fish, Salmon, Chum, Canned, Drained Solids With Bone1415.5g21.43g0g
Fish, Salmon, Coho, Wild, Raw1465.93g21.62g0g
Fish, Salmon, Coho, Wild, Cooked, Moist Heat1847.5g27.36g0g
Fish, Salmon, Pink, Raw1274.4g20.5g0g
Fish, Salmon, Pink, Canned, Total Can Contents1294.97g19.68g0g
Fish, Salmon, Sockeye, Raw1314.69g22.25g0g
Fish, Salmon, Sockeye, Cooked, Dry Heat1565.57g26.48g0g
Fish, Salmon, Sockeye, Canned, Drained Solids1677.39g23.59g0g
Fish, Sardine, Atlantic, Canned In Oil, Drained Solids With Bone20811.45g24.62g0g
Fish, Sardine, Pacific, Canned In Tomato Sauce, Drained Solids With Bone18510.45g20.86g0.54g
Fish, Scup, Raw1052.73g18.88g0g
Fish, Sea Bass, Mixed Species, Raw972g18.43g0g
Fish, Sea Bass, Mixed Species, Cooked, Dry Heat1242.56g23.63g0g
Fish, Seatrout, Mixed Species, Raw1043.61g16.74g0g
Fish, Shad, American, Raw19713.77g16.93g0g
Fish, Shark, Mixed Species, Raw1304.51g20.98g0g
Fish, Shark, Mixed Species, Cooked, Batter-dipped And Fried22813.82g18.62g6.39g
Fish, Sheepshead, Raw1082.41g20.21g0g
Fish, Sheepshead, Cooked, Dry Heat1261.63g26.02g0g
Fish, Smelt, Rainbow, Raw972.42g17.63g0g
Fish, Smelt, Rainbow, Cooked, Dry Heat1243.1g22.6g0g
Fish, Snapper, Mixed Species, Raw1001.34g20.51g0g
Fish, Snapper, Mixed Species, Cooked, Dry Heat1281.72g26.3g0g
Fish, Spot, Raw1234.9g18.51g0g
Fish, Sturgeon, Mixed Species, Raw1054.04g16.14g0g
Fish, Sturgeon, Mixed Species, Cooked, Dry Heat1355.18g20.7g0g
Fish, Sturgeon, Mixed Species, Smoked1734.4g31.2g0g
Fish, Sucker, White, Raw922.32g16.76g0g
Fish, Sunfish, Pumpkin Seed, Raw890.7g19.4g0g
Fish, Surimi990.9g15.18g6.85g
Fish, Swordfish, Raw1446.65g19.66g0g
Fish, Swordfish, Cooked, Dry Heat1727.93g23.45g0g
Fish, Tilefish, Raw962.31g17.5g0g
Fish, Tilefish, Cooked, Dry Heat1474.69g24.49g0g
Fish, Trout, Mixed Species, Raw1486.61g20.77g0g
Fish, Trout, Rainbow, Wild, Raw1193.46g20.48g0g
Fish, Trout, Rainbow, Wild, Cooked, Dry Heat1505.82g22.92g0g
Fish, Tuna, Fresh, Bluefin, Raw1444.9g23.33g0g
Fish, Tuna, Fresh, Bluefin, Cooked, Dry Heat1846.28g29.91g0g
Fish, Tuna, Light, Canned In Oil, Drained Solids1988.21g29.13g0g
Fish, Tuna, Light, Canned In Water, Drained Solids860.96g19.44g0g
Fish, Tuna, Fresh, Skipjack, Raw1031.01g22g0g
Fish, Tuna, White, Canned In Oil, Drained Solids1868.08g26.53g0g
Fish, Tuna, White, Canned In Water, Drained Solids1282.97g23.62g0g
Fish, Tuna, Fresh, Yellowfin, Raw1090.49g24.4g0g
Fish, Tuna Salad1879.26g16.04g9.41g
Fish, Turbot, European, Raw952.95g16.05g0g
Fish, Whitefish, Mixed Species, Raw1345.86g19.09g0g
Fish, Whitefish, Mixed Species, Smoked1080.93g23.4g0g
Fish, Whiting, Mixed Species, Raw901.31g18.31g0g
Fish, Whiting, Mixed Species, Cooked, Dry Heat1161.69g23.48g0g
Fish, Wolffish, Atlantic, Raw962.39g17.5g0g
Fish, Yellowtail, Mixed Species, Raw1465.24g23.14g0g
Crustaceans, Crab, Alaska King, Raw840.6g18.29g0g
Crustaceans, Crab, Alaska King, Cooked, Moist Heat971.54g19.35g0g
Crustaceans, Crab, Alaska King, Imitation, Made From Surimi950.46g7.62g15g
Crustaceans, Crab, Blue, Raw871.08g18.06g0.04g
Crustaceans, Crab, Blue, Cooked, Moist Heat830.74g17.88g0g
Crustaceans, Crab, Blue, Canned830.74g17.88g0g
Crustaceans, Crab, Blue, Crab Cakes, Home Recipe1557.52g20.21g0.48g
Crustaceans, Crab, Dungeness, Raw860.97g17.41g0.74g
Crustaceans, Crab, Queen, Raw901.18g18.5g0g
Crustaceans, Crayfish, Mixed Species, Wild, Raw770.95g15.97g0g
Crustaceans, Crayfish, Mixed Species, Wild, Cooked, Moist Heat821.2g16.77g0g
Crustaceans, Lobster, Northern, Raw770.75g16.52g0g
Crustaceans, Lobster, Northern, Cooked, Moist Heat890.86g19g0g
Crustaceans, Shrimp, Mixed Species, Raw (may Have Been Previously Frozen)711.01g13.61g0.91g
Crustaceans, Shrimp, Mixed Species, Cooked, Breaded And Fried24212.28g21.39g11.47g
Crustaceans, Shrimp, Mixed Species, Cooked, Moist Heat (may Have Been Previously Frozen)1191.7g22.78g1.52g
Crustaceans, Shrimp, Mixed Species, Canned1001.36g20.42g0g
Crustaceans, Shrimp, Mixed Species, Imitation, Made From Surimi1011.47g12.39g9.13g
Crustaceans, Spiny Lobster, Mixed Species, Raw1121.51g20.6g2.43g
Mollusks, Abalone, Mixed Species, Raw1050.76g17.1g6.01g
Mollusks, Abalone, Mixed Species, Cooked, Fried1896.78g19.63g11.05g
Mollusks, Clam, Mixed Species, Raw860.96g14.67g3.57g
Mollusks, Clam, Mixed Species, Cooked, Breaded And Fried20211.15g14.24g10.33g
Mollusks, Clam, Mixed Species, Cooked, Moist Heat1481.95g25.55g5.13g
Mollusks, Clam, Mixed Species, Canned, Drained Solids1421.59g24.25g5.9g
Mollusks, Clam, Mixed Species, Canned, Liquid20.02g0.4g0.1g
Mollusks, Cuttlefish, Mixed Species, Raw790.7g16.24g0.82g
Mollusks, Mussel, Blue, Raw862.24g11.9g3.69g
Mollusks, Mussel, Blue, Cooked, Moist Heat1724.48g23.8g7.39g
Mollusks, Octopus, Common, Raw821.04g14.91g2.2g
Mollusks, Oyster, Eastern, Wild, Raw511.71g5.71g2.72g
Mollusks, Oyster, Eastern, Cooked, Breaded And Fried19912.58g8.77g11.62g
Mollusks, Oyster, Eastern, Wild, Cooked, Moist Heat1023.42g11.42g5.45g
Mollusks, Oyster, Eastern, Canned682.47g7.06g3.91g
Mollusks, Oyster, Pacific, Raw812.3g9.45g4.95g
Mollusks, Scallop, Mixed Species, Raw690.49g12.06g3.18g
Mollusks, Scallop, Mixed Species, Cooked, Breaded And Fried21610.94g18.07g10.13g
Mollusks, Scallop, Mixed Species, Imitation, Made From Surimi990.41g12.77g10.62g
Mollusks, Squid, Mixed Species, Raw921.38g15.58g3.08g
Mollusks, Squid, Mixed Species, Cooked, Fried1757.48g17.94g7.79g
Mollusks, Whelk, Unspecified, Raw1370.4g23.84g7.76g
Mollusks, Whelk, Unspecified, Cooked, Moist Heat2750.8g47.68g15.52g
Fish, Salmon, Chinook, Smoked, (lox), Regular1174.32g18.28g0g
Fish, Salmon, Chum, Canned, Without Salt, Drained Solids With Bone1415.5g21.43g0g
Fish, Salmon, Pink, Canned, Without Salt, Solids With Bone And Liquid1396.05g19.78g0g
Fish, Salmon, Sockeye, Canned, Without Salt, Drained Solids With Bone1537.31g20.47g0g
Fish, Tuna, Light, Canned In Oil, Without Salt, Drained Solids1988.21g29.13g0g
Fish, Tuna, Light, Canned In Water, Without Salt, Drained Solids1160.82g25.51g0g
Fish, Tuna, White, Canned In Oil, Without Salt, Drained Solids1868.08g26.53g0g
Fish, Tuna, White, Canned In Water, Without Salt, Drained Solids1282.97g23.62g0g
Fish, Bass, Freshwater, Mixed Species, Cooked, Dry Heat1464.73g24.18g0g
Fish, Bass, Striped, Cooked, Dry Heat1242.99g22.73g0g
Fish, Bluefish, Cooked, Dry Heat1595.44g25.69g0g
Fish, Burbot, Cooked, Dry Heat1151.04g24.76g0g
Fish, Butterfish, Cooked, Dry Heat18710.28g22.15g0g
Fish, Cod, Pacific, Cooked, Dry Heat (may Have Been Previously Frozen)850.5g18.73g0g
Fish, Cusk, Cooked, Dry Heat1120.88g24.35g0g
Fish, Mahimahi, Cooked, Dry Heat1090.9g23.72g0g
Fish, Drum, Freshwater, Cooked, Dry Heat1536.32g22.49g0g
Fish, Halibut, Greenland, Cooked, Dry Heat23917.74g18.42g0g
Fish, Herring, Pacific, Cooked, Dry Heat25017.79g21.01g0g
Fish, Ling, Cooked, Dry Heat1110.82g24.35g0g
Fish, Lingcod, Cooked, Dry Heat1091.36g22.64g0g
Fish, Mackerel, King, Cooked, Dry Heat1342.56g26g0g
Fish, Mackerel, Pacific And Jack, Mixed Species, Cooked, Dry Heat20110.12g25.73g0g
Fish, Milkfish, Cooked, Dry Heat1908.63g26.32g0g
Fish, Monkfish, Cooked, Dry Heat971.95g18.56g0g
Fish, Pike, Walleye, Cooked, Dry Heat1191.56g24.54g0g
Fish, Pollock, Atlantic, Cooked, Dry Heat1181.26g24.92g0g
Fish, Pout, Ocean, Cooked, Dry Heat1021.17g21.33g0g
Fish, Roe, Mixed Species, Cooked, Dry Heat2048.23g28.62g1.92g
Fish, Sablefish, Cooked, Dry Heat25019.62g17.19g0g
Fish, Salmon, Atlantic, Wild, Cooked, Dry Heat1828.13g25.44g0g
Fish, Salmon, Chinook, Cooked, Dry Heat23113.38g25.72g0g
Fish, Salmon, Chum, Cooked, Dry Heat1544.83g25.82g0g
Fish, Salmon, Pink, Cooked, Dry Heat1535.28g24.58g0g
Fish, Scup, Cooked, Dry Heat1353.5g24.21g0g
Fish, Seatrout, Mixed Species, Cooked, Dry Heat1334.63g21.46g0g
Fish, Shad, American, Cooked, Dry Heat25217.65g21.71g0g
Fish, Spot, Cooked, Dry Heat1586.28g23.73g0g
Fish, Sucker, White, Cooked, Dry Heat1192.97g21.49g0g
Fish, Sunfish, Pumpkin Seed, Cooked, Dry Heat1140.9g24.87g0g
Fish, Trout, Mixed Species, Cooked, Dry Heat1908.47g26.63g0g
Fish, Tuna, Skipjack, Fresh, Cooked, Dry Heat1321.29g28.21g0g
Fish, Tuna, Yellowfin, Fresh, Cooked, Dry Heat1300.59g29.15g0g
Fish, Turbot, European, Cooked, Dry Heat1223.78g20.58g0g
Fish, Whitefish, Mixed Species, Cooked, Dry Heat1727.51g24.47g0g
Fish, Wolffish, Atlantic, Cooked, Dry Heat1233.06g22.44g0g
Fish, Yellowtail, Mixed Species, Cooked, Dry Heat1876.72g29.67g0g
Crustaceans, Crab, Dungeness, Cooked, Moist Heat1101.24g22.32g0.95g
Crustaceans, Crab, Queen, Cooked, Moist Heat1151.51g23.72g0g
Crustaceans, Spiny Lobster, Mixed Species, Cooked, Moist Heat1431.94g26.41g3.12g
Mollusks, Cuttlefish, Mixed Species, Cooked, Moist Heat1581.4g32.48g1.64g
Mollusks, Octopus, Common, Cooked, Moist Heat1642.08g29.82g4.4g
Mollusks, Oyster, Pacific, Cooked, Moist Heat1634.6g18.9g9.9g
Fish, Roughy, Orange, Cooked, Dry Heat1050.9g22.64g0g
Fish, Catfish, Channel, Wild, Cooked, Dry Heat1052.85g18.47g0g
Fish, Catfish, Channel, Farmed, Raw1195.94g15.23g0g
Fish, Catfish, Channel, Farmed, Cooked, Dry Heat1447.19g18.44g0g
Fish, Salmon, Atlantic, Farmed, Raw20813.42g20.42g0g
Fish, Salmon, Atlantic, Farmed, Cooked, Dry Heat20612.35g22.1g0g
Fish, Salmon, Coho, Farmed, Raw1607.67g21.27g0g
Fish, Salmon, Coho, Farmed, Cooked, Dry Heat1788.23g24.3g0g
Fish, Trout, Rainbow, Farmed, Raw1416.18g19.94g0g
Fish, Trout, Rainbow, Farmed, Cooked, Dry Heat1687.38g23.8g0g
Crustaceans, Crayfish, Mixed Species, Farmed, Raw720.97g14.85g0g
Crustaceans, Crayfish, Mixed Species, Farmed, Cooked, Moist Heat871.3g17.52g0g
Mollusks, Oyster, Eastern, Wild, Cooked, Dry Heat792.65g8.87g4.23g
Mollusks, Oyster, Eastern, Farmed, Raw591.55g5.22g5.53g
Mollusks, Oyster, Eastern, Farmed, Cooked, Dry Heat792.12g7g7.28g
Fish, Salmon, Coho, Wild, Cooked, Dry Heat1394.3g23.45g0g
Mollusks, Conch, Baked Or Broiled1301.2g26.3g1.7g
Usda Commodity, Salmon Nuggets, Breaded, Frozen, Heated21211.72g12.69g13.96g
Usda Commodity, Salmon Nuggets, Cooked As Purchased, Unheated18910.43g11.97g11.85g
Salmon, Sockeye, Canned, Total Can Contents1537.17g20.63g0g
Fish, Salmon, Pink, Canned, Drained Solids1385.02g23.1g0g
Fish, Tilapia, Raw961.7g20.08g0g
Fish, Tilapia, Cooked, Dry Heat1282.65g26.15g0g
Salmon, Sockeye, Canned, Drained Solids, Without Skin And Bones1585.87g26.33g0g
Fish, Salmon, Pink, Canned, Drained Solids, Without Skin And Bones1364.21g24.62g0g
Fish, Pollock, Alaska, Raw (not Previously Frozen)700.19g17.17g0g
Fish, Pollock, Alaska, Cooked (not Previously Frozen)800.26g19.42g0g
Fish, Cod, Pacific, Raw (not Previously Frozen)720.2g17.54g0g
Fish, Cod, Pacific, Cooked (not Previously Frozen)840.25g20.42g0g
Crustaceans, Shrimp, Raw (not Previously Frozen)850.51g20.1g0g
Crustaceans, Shrimp, Cooked (not Previously Frozen)990.28g23.98g0.2g
Fish, Trout, Brook, Raw, New York State1102.73g21.23g0g
Jellyfish, Dried, Salted361.4g5.5g0g
Frog Legs, Raw730.3g16.4g0g
Fish, Mackerel, Salted30525.1g18.5g0g
Mollusks, Scallop, (bay And Sea), Cooked, Steamed1110.84g20.54g5.41g
Mollusks, Snail, Raw901.4g16.1g2g
Turtle, Green, Raw890.5g19.8g0g