Food Group American Indian/alaska Native Foods

The American Indian/alaska Native Foods food group includes 165 different food items that were analized to obtain a nutrition profile. The nutrient values are based on an edible portion of 100 grams of food. When nutrient data for prepared or cooked products are unavailable or incomplete, nutrient values are calculated from comparable raw items or by recipe.

Name Calories Total Fat Proteins Carbohydrates
Agutuk, Fish/berry With Seal Oil (alaskan Ice Cream) (alaska Native)35331.8g3.4g13.4g
Agutuk, Meat-caribou (alaskan Ice Cream) (alaska Native)25818.6g21.7g0.9g
Ascidians (tunughnak) (alaska Native)200.5g3.8g0g
Bear, Black, Meat (alaska Native)1558.3g20.1g0g
Bear, Polar, Meat, Raw (alaska Native)1303.1g25.6g0g
Whale, Beluga, Meat, Dried (alaska Native)3275.34g69.86g0g
Whale, Beluga, Eyes (alaska Native)29123.3g19.6g0g
Whale, Beluga, Meat, Raw (alaska Native)1110.5g26.5g0g
Whale, Beluga, Flipper, Raw (alaska Native)27121.7g19g0g
Whale, Beluga, Liver, Raw (alaska Native)1173.9g18.4g2g
Oil, Beluga, Whale (alaska Native)900100g0g0g
Blackberries, Wild, Raw (alaska Native)521.07g0.84g9.84g
Fish, Blackfish, Whole (alaska Native)821.75g15.5g0g
Blueberries, Wild, Frozen (alaska Native)440g0.7g10.4g
Caribou, Bone Marrow, Raw (alaska Native)78684.4g6.7g0g
Caribou, Eye, Raw (alaska Native)32631.4g10.8g0g
Caribou, Liver, Raw (alaska Native)1223.9g15g6.8g
Stew/soup, Caribou (alaska Native)410.7g3.8g4.8g
Caribou, Tongue, Raw (alaska Native)26022.8g13.7g0g
Chiton, Leathery, Gumboots (alaska Native)831.6g17.1g0g
Cloudberries, Raw (alaska Native)510.8g2.4g8.6g
Cockles, Raw (alaska Native)790.7g13.5g4.7g
Cranberries, Wild, Bush, Raw (alaska Native)550.2g1.1g12.3g
Cranberry, Low Bush Or Lingenberry, Raw (alaska Native)550.5g0.4g12.2g
Fish, Devilfish, Meat (alaska Native)975.3g11.7g0g
Fireweed, Young Leaves, Raw (alaska Native)440.8g3g6.3g
Fish, Herring Eggs On Giant Kelp, Pacific (alaska Native)630.8g11.3g2.6g
Fish, Herring Eggs, Pacific, Dry (alaska Native)3126.6g60.4g2.8g
Fish, Herring Eggs, Pacific, Plain (alaska Native)741.93g9.6g4.47g
Fish, Herring, Pacific, Flesh, Air-dried, Packed In Oil (alaska Native)48934.6g44.5g0g
Huckleberries, Raw (alaska Native)370.1g0.4g8.7g
Fish, Lingcod, Meat, Raw (alaska Native)790.8g17.9g0g
Fish, Lingcod, Liver (alaska Native)42442g5.6g6g
Stew, Moose (alaska Native)550.5g6.6g6g
Moose, Meat, Raw (alaska Native)1031.5g22.3g0g
Mashu Roots, Raw (alaska Native)1352.4g5.8g22.6g
Moose, Liver, Braised (alaska Native)1554.89g24.38g3.43g
Mouse Nuts, Roots (alaska Native)810.1g3.9g16.1g
Mouse Nuts, Seedlings (alaska Native)1041.1g7.3g16.3g
Octopus (alaska Native)560.8g12.3g0g
Seal, Bearded (oogruk), Meat, Dried (alaska Native)3512.3g82.6g0g
Seal, Bearded (oogruk), Meat, Raw (alaska Native)1100.4g26.7g0g
Oil, Bearded Seal (oogruk) (alaska Native)89999.6g0.56g0g
Oopah (tunicate), Whole Animal (alaska Native)672.2g11.7g0g
Owl, Horned, Flesh, Raw (alaska Native)1365g22.7g0g
Fish, Pike, Northern, Liver (alaska Native)1568g16.6g4.3g
Rhubarb, Wild, Leaves (alaska Native)610.5g4.2g9.9g
Fish, Salmon, Tipnuk, Fermented (alaska Native)15910.6g15.9g0g
Fish, Salmon, King, Chinook, Kippered, Canned (alaska Native)26615.9g30.7g0g
Fish, Salmon, King, Chinook, Smoked And Canned (alaska Native)1505.9g23.2g0g
Fish, Salmon, King, Chinook, Smoked, Brined (alaska Native)43030g39.9g0g
Fish, Salmon, King, Chinook, Liver (alaska Native)1568g16.6g4.3g
Duck, Scoter, White-winged, Meat (alaska Native)840.4g20.2g0g
Sea Cucumber, Yane (alaska Native)560.4g13g0g
Seal, Ringed, Meat (alaska Native)1423.2g28.4g0g
Seal, Ringed, Liver (alaska Native)1163.3g18.6g2.9g
Soup, Fish, Homemade (alaska Native)722.2g7.4g5.6g
Sourdock, Young Leaves (alaska Native)420.7g2.3g6.5g
Squirrel, Ground, Meat (alaska Native)1113.8g19.3g0g
Tea, Tundra, Herb And Laborador Combination (alaska Native)10g0g0.2g
Walrus, Meat, Dried (alaska Native)2512.6g57g0g
Deer (venison), Sitka, Raw (alaska Native)1162.66g21.5g0g
Walrus, Meat, Raw (alaska Native)19913.6g19.2g0g
Walrus, Meat And Subcutaneous Fat Raw (alaska Native)28224.1g16.3g0g
Walrus, Liver, Raw (alaska Native)1253g21g3.5g
Oil, Walrus (alaska Native)900100g0g0g
Whale, Bowhead, Subcutaneous Fat (blubber) (alaska Native)87096.5g0.4g0g
Whale, Bowhead, Skin And Subcutaneous Fat (muktuk) (alaska Native)46546.1g12.6g0g
Oil, Whale, Bowhead (alaska Native)900100g0g0g
Fish, Whitefish, Broad, Liver (alaska Native)1044.4g11g5.1g
Fish, Whitefish, Mixed Species, Raw (alaska Native)1316.1g18.9g0g
Fish, Whitefish, Broad, Head, Eyes, Cheeks And Soft Bones (alaska Native)1073.6g18.6g0g
Willow, Leaves In Oil (alaska Native)59261g2.6g8.1g
Willow, Young Leaves, Chopped (alaska Native)1221.6g6.1g20.7g
Mush, Blue Corn With Ash (navajo)540.49g0.66g11.74g
Cornmeal, Blue (navajo)3985.44g10.4g76.93g
Melon, Banana (navajo)210.2g0.84g4.06g
Chilchen (red Berry Beverage) (navajo)440.63g0.81g8.68g
Corn, Dried (navajo)3865.22g9.88g74.93g
Corn, White, Steamed (navajo)3865.18g9.72g75.2g
Cornmeal, White (navajo)3985.04g10.99g77.14g
Cornmeal, Yellow (navajo)3845.88g9.85g72.9g
Squash, Indian, Raw (navajo)260.2g0.52g5.64g
Squash, Indian, Cooked, Boiled (navajo)160.15g0.31g3.22g
Bread, Kneel Down (navajo)1952.21g4.29g39.47g
Mutton, Cooked, Roasted (navajo)23411.09g33.43g0.08g
Frybread, Made With Lard (navajo)33012.22g6.69g48.26g
Tortilla, Includes Plain And From Mutton Sandwich (navajo)2370.95g7.28g49.94g
Stew, Dumpling With Mutton (navajo)1013.78g8.71g8.03g
Stew, Hominy With Mutton (navajo)832.06g6.71g9.38g
Stew, Mutton, Corn, Squash (navajo)1034.34g8.62g7.27g
Tamales (navajo)1536.12g6.28g18.12g
Stew, Steamed Corn (navajo)1123.75g8.82g10.8g
Fish, Halibut, Raw, With Skin (alaska Native)1162.92g20.53g1.81g
Fish, Salmon, Coho (silver), Raw (alaska Native)1405.57g22.56g0g
Fish, Salmon, Sockeye (red), Raw (alaska Native)1537.28g21.94g0g
Fish, Salmon, Chum, Raw (alaska Native)1163.67g20.69g0g
Fish, Salmon, King (chinook), Raw (alaska Native)18711.73g20.25g0g
Salmonberries, Raw (alaska Native)470.33g0.85g10.05g
Blueberries, Wild, Raw (alaska Native)610.76g1.22g12.31g
Oil, Spotted Seal (alaska Native)89499.32g0g0g
Fish, Salmon, Red, Canned, Bones Removed (alaska Native)1615.76g27.31g0g
Fish, Whitefish, Eggs (alaska Native)1042.88g14.66g4.89g
Caribou, Rump Meat, Half Dried (alaska Native)2555.23g52.06g0g
Caribou, Shoulder Meat, Dried (alaska Native)2713.67g59.38g0g
Caribou, Hind Quarter Meat, Raw (alaska Native)1223.37g22.63g0g
Seal, Bearded (oogruk), Meat, Dried, In Oil (alaska Native)36725.08g35.31g0g
Fish, Whitefish, Dried (alaska Native)37113.44g62.44g0g
Fish, Salmon, Red, (sockeye), Canned, Smoked (alaska Native)2067.26g35.19g0g
Fish, Salmon, Red, (sockeye), Kippered (alaska Native)1414.75g24.5g0g
Fish, Salmon, King, With Skin, Kippered, (alaska Native)20912.95g23.19g0g
Fish, Sheefish, Raw (alaska Native)1152.84g22.25g0g
Seal, Bearded (oogruk), Meat, Low Quadrant, Raw (alaska Native)18610.17g23.63g0g
Fish, Salmon, Chum, Dried (alaska Native)37814.38g62.09g0g
Elk, Free Range, Ground, Cooked Patties (shoshone Bannock)1432.8g29.45g0g
Elk, Free Range, Ground, Raw (shoshone Bannock)971.8g20.14g0g
Buffalo, Free Range, Top Round Steak, Raw (shoshone Bannock)971.3g21.44g0g
Seal, Bearded (oogruk), Meat, Partially Dried (alaska Native)2702.31g62.38g0g
Buffalo, Free Range, Top Round Steak, Cooked (shoshone Bannock)1461.8g32.51g0g
Elk, Free Range, Roast, Eye Of Round, Raw (shoshone Bannock)982.1g19.74g0g
Elk, Free Range, Roast, Eye Of Round, Cooked (shoshone Bannock)1482.85g30.56g0g
Chokecherries, Raw, Pitted (shoshone Bannock)1560.98g2.89g33.88g
Steelhead Trout, Dried, Flesh (shoshone Bannock)3828.06g77.27g0g
Steelhead Trout, Boiled, Canned (alaska Native)1598.26g21.11g0g
Acorn Stew (apache)953.47g6.81g9.22g
Corn, Dried, Yellow (northern Plains Indians)41910.64g14.48g66.27g
Smelt, Dried (alaska Native)38617.9g56.19g0g
Frybread, Made With Lard (apache)30910.14g8.38g46.01g
Corned Beef And Potatoes In Tortilla (apache)2248.31g7.91g29.35g
Tennis Bread, Plain (apache)2581.05g9g53.26g
Fish, Halibut, Cooked, With Skin (alaska Native)1132.73g22.13g0g
Salmon, Red (sockeye), Filets With Skin, Smoked (alaska Native)34511.43g60.62g0g
Agave, Raw (southwest)680.15g0.52g16.23g
Agave, Cooked (southwest)1350.29g0.99g32g
Agave, Dried (southwest)3410.69g1.71g81.98g
Cattail, Narrow Leaf Shoots (northern Plains Indians)250g1.18g5.14g
Lambsquarters, Raw (northern Plains Indians)470.28g4.21g6.96g
Lambsquarters, Steamed (northern Plains Indians)480.16g4.06g7.47g
Prickly Pears, Raw (northern Plains Indians)420.11g0.12g10.17g
Prickly Pears, Broiled (northern Plains Indians)910.31g0.39g21.57g
Prairie Turnips, Raw (northern Plains Indians)1560.36g2.62g35.67g
Prairie Turnips, Boiled (northern Plains Indians)1290.32g1.64g29.99g
Raspberries, Wild (northern Plains Indians)620.28g1.12g13.85g
Rose Hips, Wild (northern Plains Indians)1620.34g1.6g38.22g
Chokecherries, Raw, Pitted (northern Plains Indians)1621.69g3.04g33.62g
Stinging Nettles, Blanched (northern Plains Indians)420.11g2.71g7.49g
Plums, Wild (northern Plains Indians)910.17g0.43g21.95g
Pinon Nuts, Roasted (navajo)54134.08g7.41g51.06g
Caribou, Hind Quarter, Meat, Cooked (alaska Native)1594.82g28.81g0g
Agutuk, Fish With Shortening (alaskan Ice Cream) (alaska Native)47043.5g9g10.5g
Sea Lion, Steller, Liver (alaska Native)1375g22.9g0g
Sea Lion, Steller, Kidney (alaska Native)931.7g18.1g1.4g
Sea Lion, Steller, Heart (alaska Native)1023.3g17g1g
Sea Lion, Steller, Meat (alaska Native)1201.88g25.85g0g
Sea Lion, Steller, Meat With Fat (alaska Native)24214.65g22.1g5.55g
Sea Lion, Steller, Fat (alaska Native)85094g0.9g0g
Wocas, Dried Seeds, Oregon, Yellow Pond Lily (klamath)3611.07g7.9g80.02g
Hazelnuts, Beaked (northern Plains Indians)62852.99g14.89g22.98g
Piki Bread, Made From Blue Cornmeal (hopi)3907.16g9.06g72.22g
Wocas, Tuber, Cooked, Oregon, Yellow Pond Lily (klamath)340.35g0.69g7.06g
Stew, Pinto Bean And Hominy, Badufsuki (hopi)320.54g1.42g5.38g
Tamales, Masa And Pork Filling (hopi)1684.7g13.19g18.28g
Tea, Herbal, Brewed, Hohoysi (hopi)20.2g0.12g0g
Tortilla, Blue Corn, Sakwavikaviki (hopi)2761.4g7.83g58.12g
Bread, Blue Corn, Somiviki (hopi)1861.53g3.1g39.84g