Food Group Sausages And Luncheon Meats

The Sausages And Luncheon Meats food group includes 170 different food items that were analized to obtain a nutrition profile. The nutrient values are based on an edible portion of 100 grams of food. When nutrient data for prepared or cooked products are unavailable or incomplete, nutrient values are calculated from comparable raw items or by recipe.

Name Calories Total Fat Proteins Carbohydrates
Barbecue Loaf, Pork, Beef1738.9g15.84g6.4g
Beerwurst, Beer Salami, Pork And Beef27722.53g14g3.76g
Beerwurst, Beer Salami, Pork23818.8g14.24g2.06g
Sausage, Berliner, Pork, Beef23017.2g15.27g2.59g
Blood Sausage37934.5g14.6g1.29g
Bockwurst, Pork, Veal, Raw30125.87g14.03g2.95g
Bologna, Beef29926.13g10.91g4.29g
Bologna, Beef And Pork30824.59g15.2g5.49g
Bologna, Pork24719.87g15.3g0.73g
Bologna, Turkey20916.05g11.42g4.68g
Bratwurst, Pork, Cooked33329.18g13.72g2.85g
Braunschweiger (a Liver Sausage), Pork32728.5g14.5g3.1g
Brotwurst, Pork, Beef, Link32327.8g14.3g2.98g
Cheesefurter, Cheese Smokie, Pork, Beef32829g14.1g1.51g
Chicken Spread15817.56g18.01g4.05g
Chorizo, Pork And Beef45538.27g24.1g1.86g
Corned Beef Loaf, Jellied1536.1g22.9g0g
Dutch Brand Loaf, Chicken, Pork And Beef27322.91g12g3.93g
Frankfurter, Beef, Unheated31528.1g11.69g2.97g
Frankfurter, Chicken22316.19g15.51g2.74g
Frankfurter, Turkey22317.29g12.23g3.81g
Ham, Chopped, Canned23918.83g16.06g0.26g
Ham, Chopped, Not Canned18010.3g16.5g4.2g
Ham, Sliced, Packaged (96% Fat Free, Water Added)1074.04g16.85g0.7g
Ham, Sliced, Regular (approximately 11% Fat)1638.6g16.6g3.83g
Ham, Minced26320.68g16.28g1.84g
Ham Salad Spread21615.53g8.68g10.64g
Ham And Cheese Loaf Or Roll24118.7g13.6g4g
Ham And Cheese Spread24518.53g16.18g2.28g
Headcheese, Pork15710.9g13.83g0g
Sausage, Italian, Pork, Raw34631.33g14.25g0.65g
Knackwurst, Knockwurst, Pork, Beef30727.7g11.1g3.2g
Lebanon Bologna, Beef17210.44g19.03g0.44g
Liver Cheese, Pork30425.6g15.2g2.1g
Liver Sausage, Liverwurst, Pork32628.5g14.1g2.2g
Roast Beef, Deli Style, Prepackaged, Sliced1153.69g18.62g0.64g
Usda Commodity, Luncheon Meat, Canned18912.77g17.5g1.04g
Luncheon Meat, Pork, Canned33430.3g12.5g2.1g
Turkey Breast, Low Salt, Prepackaged Or Deli, Luncheon Meat1090.83g21.81g3.51g
Mortadella, Beef, Pork31125.39g16.37g3.05g
Olive Loaf, Pork23516.5g11.8g9.2g
Pastrami, Turkey1396.21g16.3g3.34g
Pate, Chicken Liver, Canned20113.1g13.45g6.55g
Pate, Goose Liver, Smoked, Canned46243.84g11.4g4.67g
Pate, Liver, Not Specified, Canned31928g14.2g1.5g
Peppered Loaf, Pork, Beef1496.37g17.3g4.53g
Pepperoni, Beef And Pork, Sliced50446.28g19.25g1.18g
Pickle And Pimiento Loaf, Pork22515.95g11.23g8.46g
Polish Sausage, Pork32628.72g14.1g1.63g
Luxury Loaf, Pork1414.8g18.4g4.9g
Mother's Loaf, Pork28222.3g12.07g7.53g
Picnic Loaf, Pork, Beef23216.64g14.92g4.76g
Pork Sausage, Link/patty, Unprepared28824.8g15.39g0.93g
Pork Sausage, Link/patty, Cooked, Pan-fried32527.25g18.53g1.42g
Pork And Beef Sausage, Fresh, Cooked39636.25g13.8g2.7g
Turkey Sausage, Reduced Fat, Brown And Serve, Cooked (include Butterball Breakfast Links Turkey Sausage)20410.3g17g10.92g
Poultry Salad Sandwich Spread20013.52g11.64g7.41g
Salami, Cooked, Beef26122.2g12.6g1.9g
Salami, Cooked, Beef And Pork33625.9g21.85g2.4g
Salami, Cooked, Turkey1729.21g19.2g1.55g
Salami, Dry Or Hard, Pork40733.72g22.58g1.6g
Salami, Dry Or Hard, Pork, Beef37831.65g21.07g0.72g
Sandwich Spread, Pork, Beef23517.34g7.66g11.94g
Smoked Link Sausage, Pork30928.23g11.98g0.94g
Sausage, Smoked Link Sausage, Pork And Beef32028.73g12g2.42g
Smoked Link Sausage, Pork And Beef, Nonfat Dry Milk Added31327.61g13.28g1.92g
Thuringer, Cervelat, Summer Sausage, Beef, Pork36230.43g17.45g3.33g
Turkey Breast, Sliced, Prepackaged1063.77g14.81g2.2g
Sausage, Vienna, Canned, Chicken, Beef, Pork23019.4g10.5g2.6g
Honey Roll Sausage, Beef18210.5g18.58g2.18g
Sausage, Italian, Pork, Cooked34427.31g19.12g4.27g
Luncheon Sausage, Pork And Beef26020.9g15.38g1.58g
New England Brand Sausage, Pork, Beef1617.58g17.27g4.83g
Oscar Mayer, Bologna (beef)31629.1g11.05g2.45g
Oscar Mayer, Braunschweiger Liver Sausage (sliced)33129.35g14.25g2.6g
Oscar Mayer, Chicken Breast (honey Glazed)1091.5g19.85g4.3g
Oscar Mayer, Ham (chopped With Natural Juice)18011.15g16.3g3.65g
Oscar Mayer, Salami (hard)36828.7g25.9g1.6g
Oscar Mayer, Smokies Sausage Little Cheese (pork, Turkey)31528.2g13.5g1.7g
Oscar Mayer, Wieners (beef Franks)32930.26g11.35g2.78g
Turkey Bacon, Unprepared22616.93g15.94g1.89g
Hormel Pillow Pak Sliced Turkey Pepperoni24311.52g30.99g3.78g
Turkey, Pork, And Beef Sausage, Low Fat, Smoked1012.5g8g11.54g
Usda Commodity, Pork, Sausage, Bulk/links/patties, Frozen, Cooked26720.26g19.76g0g
Frankfurter, Beef, Pork, And Turkey, Fat Free1091.59g12.5g11.21g
Luncheon Meat, Pork, Ham, And Chicken, Minced, Canned, Reduced Sodium, Added Ascorbic Acid, Includes Spam, 25% Less Sodium29325.1g12.5g3.4g
Usda Commodity, Pork Sausage, Bulk/links/patties, Frozen, Raw23118.56g14.95g0g
Luncheon Meat, Pork With Ham, Minced, Canned, Includes Spam (hormel)31526.6g13.4g4.6g
Luncheon Meat, Pork And Chicken, Minced, Canned, Includes Spam Lite19613.9g15.23g1.35g
Bratwurst, Veal, Cooked34131.7g13.99g0g
Liverwurst Spread30525.45g12.38g5.89g
Roast Beef Spread22316.28g15.27g3.73g
Salami, Pork, Beef, Less Sodium39630.5g15.01g15.38g
Sausage, Italian, Sweet, Links1498.42g16.13g2.1g
Sausage, Polish, Beef With Chicken, Hot25919.4g17.6g3.6g
Sausage, Polish, Pork And Beef, Smoked30126.56g12.07g1.98g
Sausage, Pork And Beef, With Cheddar Cheese, Smoked29625.84g12.89g2.13g
Sausage, Summer, Pork And Beef, Sticks, With Cheddar Cheese42637.91g19.43g1.82g
Sausage, Turkey, Breakfast Links, Mild23518.09g15.42g1.56g
Swisswurst, Pork And Beef, With Swiss Cheese, Smoked30727.37g12.69g1.6g
Bacon And Beef Sticks51744.2g29.1g0.8g
Bratwurst, Beef And Pork, Smoked29726.34g12.2g2g
Bratwurst, Chicken, Cooked17610.35g19.44g0g
Bratwurst, Pork, Beef And Turkey, Lite, Smoked18613.53g14.45g1.62g
Pastrami, Beef, 98% Fat-free951.16g19.6g1.54g
Salami, Italian, Pork42537g21.7g1.2g
Sausage, Italian, Turkey, Smoked1588.75g15.05g4.65g
Sausage, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Skinless, Smoked21614.3g13.6g8.1g
Sausage, Turkey, Hot, Smoked1588.75g15.05g4.65g
Yachtwurst, With Pistachio Nuts, Cooked26822.6g14.8g1.4g
Beerwurst, Pork And Beef27622.53g14g4.27g
Chicken Breast, Fat-free, Mesquite Flavor, Sliced800.39g16.8g2.25g
Chicken Breast, Oven-roasted, Fat-free, Sliced790.39g16.79g2.17g
Kielbasa, Polish, Turkey And Beef, Smoked22617.6g13.1g3.9g
Oven-roasted Chicken Breast Roll1347.65g14.59g1.79g
Bologna, Pork And Turkey, Lite21116.06g13.06g3.45g
Bologna, Pork, Turkey And Beef33629.25g11.56g6.66g
Ham, Honey, Smoked, Cooked1222.37g17.93g7.27g
Frankfurter, Pork26923.68g12.81g0.28g
Macaroni And Cheese Loaf, Chicken, Pork And Beef22814.96g11.76g11.63g
Salami, Italian, Pork And Beef, Dry, Sliced, 50% Less Sodium35026.4g21.8g6.4g
Pate, Truffle Flavor32728.5g11.2g6.3g
Turkey, Breast, Smoked, Lemon Pepper Flavor, 97% Fat-free950.69g20.9g1.31g
Turkey, White, Rotisserie, Deli Cut1123g13.5g7.7g
Frankfurter, Beef, Heated32229.36g11.69g2.66g
Frankfurter, Meat, Heated27824.31g9.77g4.9g
Frankfurter, Meat29025.76g10.26g4.17g
Scrapple, Pork21313.87g8.06g14.06g
Bologna, Chicken, Turkey, Pork29826.18g9.88g5.65g
Pork Sausage, Link/patty, Fully Cooked, Microwaved43841.66g15.12g0.62g
Beef Sausage, Pre-cooked40537.57g15.5g0.03g
Turkey Sausage, Fresh, Raw1558.08g18.79g0.47g
Beef Sausage, Fresh, Cooked33227.98g18.21g0.35g
Pork And Turkey Sausage, Pre-cooked34230.64g12.05g3.63g
Turkey Sausage, Fresh, Cooked19610.44g23.89g0g
Bologna, Chicken, Pork, Beef27222.73g11.33g5.61g
Bologna, Chicken, Pork33630.61g10.31g4.19g
Chicken Breast, Deli, Rotisserie Seasoned, Sliced, Prepackaged981.86g17.4g2.92g
Frankfurter, Meat And Poultry, Unheated27724.18g9.72g5.02g
Frankfurter, Meat And Poultry, Cooked, Boiled29826.28g10.31g4.96g
Frankfurter, Meat And Poultry, Cooked, Grilled30226.43g10.67g5.24g
Pork Sausage, Link/patty, Reduced Fat, Unprepared21716.55g16.75g0.2g
Pork Sausage, Link/patty, Reduced Fat, Cooked, Pan-fried26720.32g20.94g0.15g
Pork Sausage, Link/patty, Fully Cooked, Unheated39237.25g13.46g0.69g
Kielbasa, Fully Cooked, Grilled33729.68g12.45g5.03g
Kielbasa, Fully Cooked, Pan-fried33329.43g12.36g4.78g
Kielbasa, Fully Cooked, Unheated32529.63g10.84g3.72g
Bologna, Meat And Poultry28123.77g10.34g6.31g
Meatballs, Frozen, Italian Style28622.21g14.4g8.06g
Turkey Bacon, Microwaved36825.87g29.5g4.24g
Bacon, Turkey, Low Sodium25320g13.33g4.8g
Sausage, Chicken Or Turkey, Italian Style, Lower Sodium1834.46g21.43g14.25g
Ham, Smoked, Extra Lean, Low Sodium1412.71g18.52g10.7g
Pork Sausage, Reduced Sodium, Cooked27122.35g9.41g8.13g
Sausage, Pork, Turkey, And Beef, Reduced Sodium28426.79g10.71g0.11g
Beef, Cured, Corned Beef, Canned25014.93g27.1g0g
Beef, Cured, Dried1531.94g31.1g2.76g
Beef, Cured, Luncheon Meat, Jellied1113.3g19g0g
Beef, Cured, Pastrami1475.82g21.8g0.36g
Beef, Cured, Sausage, Cooked, Smoked31226.91g14.11g2.42g
Beef, Cured, Smoked, Chopped Beef1334.42g20.19g1.86g
Turkey Ham, Sliced, Extra Lean, Prepackaged Or Deli-sliced1243.8g19.6g2.93g
Bologna, Beef And Pork, Low Fat23019.3g11.5g2.6g
Bologna, Beef, Low Fat20414.8g11.8g5.2g
Turkey And Pork Sausage, Fresh, Bulk, Patty Or Link, Cooked30723g22.7g0.7g
Frankfurter, Beef, Low Fat2339.5g12g1.6g
Pork Sausage Rice Links, Brown And Serve, Cooked40737.63g13.7g2.36g
Frankfurter, Meat And Poultry, Low Fat1212.8g15.5g8.4g
Beef, Bologna, Reduced Sodium31028.4g11.7g2g
Frankfurter, Low Sodium31228.51g12g1.8g